Vaccines & vaccination

Q: Are there resources for preventing vaccine refusal and addressing vaccine hesitancy?

A: Yes, on our Vaccine hesitancy or refusal page.

Q: Can we arrange for a mobile vaccine clinic at our facility?

A: Yes. Email and/or

Q: If a resident who was not vaccinated before admission cannot leave the facility to get a vaccine, how do we arrange for vaccination?

A: Call 211. The DHHS Bureau of Infectious Disease Control NH COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy for Homebound Populations notes, “Beginning March 5, 2021, a selection for homebound individuals and individuals needing transportation will be available when calling the 211 call center.”

Q: If someone has received their first dose, but for some reason doesn’t get the second dose in the recommended time, what then?

OR Q: If someone has received a first dose and needs a second dose how do we schedule that?

A: For help scheduling the 2nd dose, call 211.

The CDC notes: Pfizer-BioNTech doses should be given 3 weeks (21 days) apart; Moderna doses should be given 1 month (28 days) apart. You should get your second shot as close to the recommended 3-week or 1-month interval as possible. However, there is no maximum interval between the first and second doses for either vaccine. You should not get the second dose earlier than the recommended interval.” Further information can be found in the CDC’s bulletin, COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Errors and Deviations.

Q: If we need to contact our pharmacy partner whom should we contact?

A: In the call hosted by NH DHHS and NH Health Care Association, details on the NHHCA website) on 12/16/20, these emails were provided:

CVS Vaccine contact:

Walgreens Vaccine contact:

If you are having trouble reaching your pharmacy partner or are unsure of who to contact, or need help with any issues related to COVID vaccinations, you can reach out to the DHHS vaccine program at

Another resource is Colleen Haggerty, RN, at the DHHS’s New Hampshire Immunization Program,

Q: Is there a cost associated with the COVID-19 vaccines for facilities, residents, or staff?

No. See details in the NH Bureau of Infectious Disease Control’s COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Healthcare Providers and Public Health Partners, p. 2.

Q: What are the guidelines for “phase 1a” of the NH COVID vaccination plan, which includes our residents and staff?

A: The NH Bureau of Infectious Disease Control published NH COVID-19 Vaccination Allocation Guidelines for Phase 1a.

Q: What guidelines exist regarding employment issues related to COVID vaccines?

A: The EEOC has a link to its resources for employers and the public about vaccine related employment issues and questions

Q: What should we do to plan ahead for dispensing a COVID-19 vaccine when it’s available?

A: The CDC has a toolkit for LTCFs as they plan for the COVID-19 vaccine and FAQs about COVID-19 Vaccination in Long-Term Care Facilities as well as printable handouts for staff and residents and their loved ones.

CDC also have issued Interim Clinical Considerations for Use of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Currently Authorized in the United States, which includes contraindications and precautions, as well as considerations regarding people with underlying conditions and those who are pregnant or lactating.

NH DHHS has created a draft plan and a Vaccine Planning page on their website. The Bureau of Infectious Disease Control published COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Healthcare Providers and Public Health Partners

Staff and residents of LTCFs and nursing facilities as well as ALFs are covered in the first planned phase of vaccination, which is location in Appendix 5 of the draft plan. If you aren’t already attending the weekly calls for LTCFs and ALFs (hosted by NH DHHS and NH Health Care Association, details on the NHHCA website) consider joining those for updates on the plan.

Q: What should we know about post vaccine considerations for staff and residents?

A: The CDC has published post vaccine considerations for both residents and health care personnel. They also issued What to expect after getting a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC also issued Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People.

Information about how vaccination relates to guidance for visitation, activities, meals, etc. as well as considerations for testing and quarantining fully vaccinated people can be found in the guidance linked on our Reopening page.

See also: Providing vaccinations at your facility

This page updated 5/20/21

Information is changing rapidly as the COVID-19 outbreak evolves. Please take the links on these pages, especially the NH DHHS, which coordinates the COVID-19 response in our state, and other public health resources such as your local public health department, the CDC and WHO to find the latest guidance and recommendations.

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