Recruiting and hiring new staff, retaining staff, training

Recruiting and Hiring

Q: Can NH Employment Security help me find staff?

A: Yes. New Hampshire Employment Security maintains a Job Match System, which allows employers to post job openings and search through resumes posted by job seekers. 

Q: Can we get waivers for pre-employment requirements?

A: You can apply for waivers using this form from the NH Bureau of Licensing & Certification. See also: Emergency licensing and temporary health partners program

In April 2021, CMS announced that facilities who hired nurse aides under their blanket waiver should work with these employees to ensure they will be able to complete their certifications:

“Though this waiver is not being terminated at this time, we are advising stakeholders that the four-month regulatory timeframe will be reinstated when the blanket waiver ends and will start at that time. In other words, nurse aides will have the full four month period starting from the end of the blanket waiver to successfully complete the required training and certification, regardless of the amount of time worked during the time the waiver was in effect. However, though nurse aides will have up to four months from the end of the blanket waiver to complete the required training and certification, we strongly encourage states and nurse aides to explore ways to complete all the training and certification requirements as soon as possible.” QSO-21-17-NH

Q: What is the Long Term Care Stabilization Program (LTCS)?

A: This program has been authorized at two different times during the pandemic to help “approved Medicaid providers” retain staff via stipends that augment their pay. There are some changes in program details in November 2020 which you can see on on this page of the NH Employment Security site. (This is historical information; the Long Term Care Stabilization Program ended 12/30/20.)

Q: What is NH Needs Caregivers and can they help me hire employees?

A: NH Needs Caregivers is a nonprofit LNA training program which recruits potential LNAs and connects them with skilled nursing facilities. You should have heard from NH Needs Caregivers, but if you have not and are interested, you can reach out to them at to let them know of your staffing needs. Please note that this program is not working with assisted living facilities.


Q: Is there any training for staff about COVID-19 and related topics?

A: Yes, the CDC maintains a Training for Healthcare Professionals page and it has several COVID-19 related offerings, including for long term care and nursing home staff.

The website also offers free training for different levels and professions, including volunteers. Offerings include a number of COVID related topics. Registration is required, but free. TRAIN modules can fulfill CEU’s for licensure.

Email to ask for a training powerpoint for staff that shows how to collect different kinds of specimens for testing.

See also: Emergency licensing and temporary health partners program

This page updated 4/22/21

Information is changing rapidly as the COVID-19 outbreak evolves. Please take the links on these pages, especially the NH DHHS, which coordinates the COVID-19 response in our state, and other public health resources such as your local public health department, the CDC and WHO to find the latest guidance and recommendations.

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