Procuring PPE and other supplies

Q: How should we determine how much PPE to order or have on hand?

A: CDC suggests strategies for Optimizing Supply of PPE and Other Equipment during Shortages. That page includes a chart that examines in detail different kinds of PPE and considerations for optimizing supplies different points in a crisis (during normal operations, in anticipation of crisis levels and PPE shortages, and during a crisis). It also lists a burn rate (utilization) calculator and provides instructions for using the calculator.

Q: We heard the FDA is warning not to use certain gowns as PPE. Which ones?

and Q: We heard there are counterfeit N95 masks, which ones?

A: Gowns made by Laws of Motion PPE “have potential quality issues that affect the level of fluid barrier protection” — see details in the FDA letter. Note that NH DHHS has NOT used this vendor, but you should check your stock to be sure these gowns are not in your supplies.

There have been some counterfeit Makrite masks; The Foundation for Healthy Communities reports that they had “not for medical use” printed under the lot number, but that Makrite masks distributed by NH DHHS were checked and were legitimate. This does not account for any sold by private vendors. Makrite lists scams on its website. Note that there may be other companies selling counterfeit PPE. See below for where to report PPE fraud.

Q: What is the process for requesting PPE, and how are those requests being filled?

A: Fill out the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Request Form for COVID-19. This will connect you to the WebEOC Resource Center Page.  Items requested through this form are: disinfectant wipes, cloth masks, face shields, gloves, goggles, gowns, hand sanitizer, N95/KN95 masks, surgical masks, thermometers, and body bags.  You do not need special training to access or use this form. Note: this program is scheduled to end on 4/19/21

NH DHHS, the Department of Homeland Security, and the NH State Emergency Operations Center will process requests. The goal is to fulfill requests within 48 hours. You will receive information to assist you with pickup or delivery information.

In some cases, the pickup location will be the local DMV; facilities should be notified of where to pickup.  If you have questions please call 603-223-3729 or email

**If your facility only receives part of what you ordered, PLEASE fill out the form again for the remaining PPE you were expecting. The system closes your first request when part of it is filled.**

Q: What other supplies can we request besides PPE?

A: For all other non-testing supply or PPE requests not listed above, please use WebEOC (the form above) or call the ESF8 desk at 603-223-3729. You can also email with questions. Note: this program is scheduled to end on 4/19/21

For testing supplies, see NH DHHS HAN #15 dated May 7, 2020, “Facilities should continue to order specimen collection supplies (e.g. swabs, transport media) through your own purchasing mechanisms. If supplies are unavailable or difficult to obtain, please contact the NH Public Health Laboratories (PHL) to request specimen collection supplies at 603-271-4605, or email

Q: Who do I contact about PPE fraud or price gouging?

A: The US Attorney’s office in New Hampshire can assist you. Contact Matthew Hunter at or 603-230-2244 or Charles Rombeau at or 603-230-2568.

See also: Donning & Doffing PPE, Gloves, Masks

This page updated 3/29/21

Information is changing rapidly as the COVID-19 outbreak evolves. Please take the links on these pages, especially the NH DHHS, which coordinates the COVID-19 response in our state, and other public health resources such as your local public health department, the CDC and WHO to find the latest guidance and recommendations.

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