Keeping families and residents informed and connected

Q: How can we help families and residents connect?

A: Depending on resources and individual situations, residents and families might have telephone or virtual visits. Share resources such as this article from Cleveland Clinic on creative ways to stay connected during social distancing.

Senior Planet has online events and a technology help line. See our Internet page for resources and advice on connectivity for virtual visits.

The NH Commission on Aging Issue Brief on Social Isolation in Long-Term Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic includes feedback from residents and families and a variety of suggestions, including defining at least on “Essential Support Person” for each LTC resident (which NH Bureau of Infectious Disease Control has implemented in their guidance (note this is a historical document, this guidance no longer in effect as of 5/6/21. See Reopening.) on phased reopening. The brief also suggests screening residents for social isolation.

Q: How should we keep families informed?

A: There are templates for letters and emails on the AHCA website. WHO has a communications packet you can download. There is advice for communicating with families, including those who may have been exposed to COVID-19, on p. 49 of AMDA’s (The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine) resource guide.

Q: Is there information about COVID-19 related scams we could share with residents and families?

A: Yes. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office maintains a list.

See also: Activities, Internet, Visitors.

This page updated 5/20/21

Information is changing rapidly as the COVID-19 outbreak evolves. Please take the links on these pages, especially the NH DHHS, which coordinates the COVID-19 response in our state, and other public health resources such as your local public health department, the CDC and WHO to find the latest guidance and recommendations.

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