Donning and doffing PPE (includes cleaning & reusing)

Q: How should staff don and doff PPE such as gloves, masks, tyvek coveralls, gowns?

A: The CDC has directions including directions, illustrated handouts, and a video on its website. There is also a CDC handout about the proper sequence for donning and doffing PPE.

For coverall-specific information, see the CDC’s guide* here, a video here or an illustrated guide here. For a menu of many illustrated PPE donning and doffing guides, visit the NTEC repository.

*while the CDC guide is on their Ebola page, the principles of safely donning and doffing protective gear are likely to be similar to Ebola, a highly infectious organism.

Q: We heard the FDA is warning not to use certain gowns as PPE. Which ones?

A: Gowns made by Laws of Motion PPE “have potential quality issues that affect the level of fluid barrier protection” — see details in the FDA letter. Note that NH DHHS has NOT used this vendor, but you should check your stock to be sure these gowns are not in your supplies.

Q: What is the procedure for cleaning face shields?

A: See the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and disinfecting, or consult these instructions from the CDC (scroll down to Selected Options for Reprocessing Eye Protection). Also see the other resources on this page.

and Q: What should we know about cleaning and reusing masks and gowns?

A: The American Nurses’ Association has a free on-demand webinar about PPE, which covers this topic. Register (no membership needed) here (it is in the list of free webinars, which defaults to the most recent one).

The ANA also has a page of videos and other information called Protect Yourself: Use and Re-Use of PPE.

NYC Health Department issued Strategies for Reuse and Extended Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) During COVID-19 Outbreak which has information about cleaning and reusing PPE, including masks.

CDC issued Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of Isolation Gowns

and Q. Can I disinfect or clean disposable gloves and reuse them?

A. No. The CDC, FDA, and WHO note that gloves should not be reused.

See also: After work precautions, Gloves, Masks, Procuring PPE

This page updated 3/8/21

Information is changing rapidly as the COVID-19 outbreak evolves. Please take the links on these pages, especially the NH DHHS, which coordinates the COVID-19 response in our state, and other public health resources such as your local public health department, the CDC and WHO to find the latest guidance and recommendations.

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